Stacey's Weight Loss Journey

I'm not perfect. I don't know all there is to know about dieting, losing weight, and keeping the weight off. I am honest though....and I would like to share with you my journey. Please.....won't you join me!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!

We've been crazy busy.....and not enough hours in the day for the's a quicky "howdy" though.....

I'm hanging in there.....finding it hard to remove these last 20 to 25 pounds!! I'm not gaining.....still exercising eating is not grand....but not horrible either!! I'm holding still at a 60 pound loss though so I'm not going to complain!! :O)

My plan is to hold steady through this crazy busy-ness and then concentrate on the next weight loss phase over the winter!! As long as I continue on the journey to health....continue exercising....continue to be conscious of my eating....I'm fine with holding steady for a few months!! After journey has been to health.....not a certain number on the scale!!

I feel good.....I look a lot better....and I'm comfortable in my own skin now!! This journey has been a wonderful experience!! I've hit road blocks.....I've learned so much!! The dialog in my head is a lot more positive!! I am really proud of myself.....I held myself accountable for allowing myself to slip into such ill-health....and now I've changed that dialog to NOT punish.....but appreciate my goods....and bads!!

So where are you? Is your's a journey to health.....not weight? Am I making a mistake by not wanting it all off....right now? I'd love to hear from ya!!

Know that even when I'm not on are still in my thoughts and prayers!! I'll be back....and then....look out!! :O)

Have a grand weekend!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Please Be Careful!!

Warning!! Warning!! Danger Danger Will Rogers!!

Do NOT try to squish into a thong!! I did.....and slingshotted myself across the house!! I tried again and it got lost!! I think I just saw a red tailed hawk fly over the house with it on!! The squirrel out front choked on her birdseed at the scene!! Oh well......guess I'll just deal with pantielines!! :O)

Have a grand weekend....and don't forget'ta smile a lil'!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh My Goodness!!

Product Alert!! Glorious!! Heavenly!! Oh soooooo delicious product alert!!

I had heard of Ezekiel products for a while.....never really looked into them.....but heard of how healthy they are. Last week while shopping at a grocery store I go to rarely....I saw in their "healthy food/organic" section the Ezekiel products. Let me say right off.....they are pricey!! I forget exactly what I paid but it was in the $5 or $6 range for a small box of I was taking a chance in buying it....I would normally not spend so much on cereal!!

Here's the facts......IT IS FABULOUS!!! It is sooooo filling!! It is quite crunchy.... and grainy....and you really have to chew....which is a great way to trick your brain into thinking you are getting a ton of food!!

serving....... 1/2 cup
total fat.....2.5g ****no trans/saturated fats****
total carb...37g

I ate 1/2 cereal w/ 1/2 Silk unsweetend Pure Almond Milk (17 calories) so this was still a VERY low cal meal.....and I'm telling you....I am soooooo full...I will probably have coffee for lunch!!

This would be great w/ yogurt or cottage cheese!! It would be wonderful with some fresh fruit.....or as a trail mix with raisins/craisins as a take along!! In the cooler would be fabulous served as a hot cereal....much like Grape Nuts!!

So.....although you didn't is my shpeel!! LOL!!

Check it out HERE...... Food for Life

Although it is pricey......I can justify the cost because of the benefits for sure!! The cereal is very versatile.....and I bet the breads are Divine as well for a different use (making sandwiches....w/ peanut butter for breakfast....) 1/2 cup servings you get 8 per box so you are talking under $1/meal!!!

If you have (or do so now) try it.....let me know what you think!!

Toodles health buddies!!

It's About 176* in Ohio This Morning!!

Which makes living healthy pretty easy right......

......for fueling........I'm drinking coffee with Naturade Total Soy for my breakfast.

.....for exercise.....I'm know because it's 176* and I'm drinking coffee!! I will also be dragging myself to the AC thermostat periodically today to jack that baby up!!

All of this has lead to a great week!! Down this morning another 2*!!! Wooooopppppeeeeeee!! Bring on 190* tomorrow!! :O)

Hope your day is marvelously healthy......and cool!! :O)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Daily Passion

I was never a coffee drinker.....yucking the bitter taste. However....when I started Medifast....not only did my tastes change.....but I was willing to try new things that others of those being coffee (w/ some of the shakes mixed in). I am now only using Medifast and/or WonderSlim meals as additions to my daily intake....however.....the routine has been passion fueled!! :O)

Every morning....sometimes in the afternoon too.....oh alright....I admit it.....I may perhaps be a teensy bit addicted!! At least 472 times a day (not really....exaggerating for comic value!! LOL!!) I make my coffee yumminess!!

Here's what I do.....
brew my coffee
add 1/2 scoop protein (I prefer for taste Designer Whey 100%, 100 calorie protein)
1 tbsp sugar free Torani syrup (I love either french vanilla or caramel)

I blend it all in my Ninja blender and end up with a yummy cappuccino foamy, wonderfully glorious concoction!!

On days when I use this as my entire meal (say if I am planning a larger dinner.....or had a heavier eating plan the day prior) I use Naturade Total Soy meal replacer. It is quite yummy as is sweet enough that I don't use any syrup!! (Just a note on texture too.....this mixture is a bit thicker than the plain whey protein!!)

So.....there you go!! I'm not only addicted myself.....but now I'm pushing!! Go on!! Try it!! I think you'll like it!!! Just don't call me in the middle of the night when you awaken.....dreaming of your next coffee yumminess!!! :O)

Toodles my friends!! Enjoy your Tuesday....that feels like a Monday!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Is It Really So Bad????

I've had a few difficult days while on this "journey back to me". Days when I felt like I wanted to a lot.....of anything really good. We all have these's really part of the training.....part of the learning to be "normal" and healthy. Every day.....we face temptation in one form or another.....spending too much money......eating too many donuts......drinking too many drinks.......spending too many hours at the office....whatever your vice....temptations will always be part of your journey!!

Here's a few things that have helped me......
  • Point one......identify!! Know the difference between physical hunger and emotional eating
So yesterday.....I was hungry. It obviously was NOT a physical was emotional!! Nothing is going on in my world.....there are no new or additional was just a day in my thoughts of food!! Check yourself on these days!! There will be times when perhaps your body NEEDS something additional!! Dehydration. A deficit in a certain mineral or vitamin. These are real and physical needs and check your eating to assure that your hunger is emotional rather than physical!!
  • Point two.....Drink!! Water is your friend!!
If you are a bit dehydrated.....water will fix that!! :O) If you are just having an your head kinda day.....water will fill your tummy....sending the message to your brain that, "hey....we're okay down here!!". If your hunger is out of boredom....water will also keep your body flushed...keeping you busy running to the potty!!
  • Point three......Cheat!! It really is okay!!
Truthfully....I've allowed myself a few cheats!! It's okay!! It's not the end of the world!! It's actually really good to know that I can control it!! Allow one special special special sweet goody!! The key is ONE!!!!!

*****I realize some are against this idea!! Some feel that you must be perfectly "on plan" at all times....without question....nothing more. If this is your thoughts.....great!!! I kinda feel like for me.....I must live.....I WANT to live in a world that includes an occasional sweet treat or scrumptious fast food meal!! I want to learn to indulge....and then get right back on the good food train!! For me.....and in my opinion....for health.....a few cheats are way okay and not something to fear or abolish or condemn!! As long as I am in control of the food.....the food will no longer ever control me!! IN MY OPINION!!****

  • Point four......"Move!! That!! Buuuuu-m"!! Get the lead out!!
Do NOT sit around in your thoughts!! out......go for a walk.....find chores for your children to do!! :O) The more you sit and think.....the more "hungry" you will be!!

Healthy and filling snacks like popcorn or fresh veggies are good to fall back on!!
Chewing sugar-free gum (especially bubble gum) is great!!
Brush your teeth is another way to avoid eating!!
Call a friend to chat.

These are all great and tips to avoid eating on those emotional eating kinda days!! If you have a bad day.....don't stress!! Get over it and have an equally "great eating day" the next!!

This has been my plan!! I have a bunch of really great eating days.....that is my routine now!! It's not a diet's just the way I eat!! I also have moments or even days when I don't eat so well. That's okay too!! I enjoy the treats......appreciate how yummy they are....and then go back to my chosen foods...healthier foods....and exercise a little more to make up for the extra calories I've consumed!! To me.....this adds to my view that......

Life is Good!!

Have a great holiday weekend my friends!! Enjoy your family and friends!! Remember our country in prayer.....and in deeds of goodwill!! And.....yes.....maybe even enjoy a hotdog!! :O)